Billing Service – Patient Account Management

Does your practice suffer from…

  • Limited office space
  • Staffing difficulties, maternity leave, disability, vacations, sick leave, resignations, family leave, etc.
  • Too much work, little time for billing, constant distractions
  • Limited technical support, NO professional billing support

Don’t let the business and financial aspects of running a practice take you away from caring for patients. The Zybex®, Inc.’s, Billing Services can help improve the efficiency of your business office processes and your balance sheet. Zybex understands the nuances of working with payers to collect on accounts, and uses its expertise and experience with both accounting management and accounting software to optimize your reimbursements and reduce the time you spend on managing the finances.

Zybex’s PAM Department offers the following services:

  • Charge, payment, adjustment, and refund data entry
  • Prepare, review, and mail statements to patients
  • Processing of insurance claims, electronic submission to Medicare, MediCal, and many commercial carriers
  • Follow up on delinquent accounts beginning at 45 days
  • Production of management reports
  • Collect and deposit receipts
  • Automatic rebilling of insurance claims over 45 days old

Zybex® provides collection and billing services to help physician’s increase collections, bill more accurately. Zybex’s billing service allows you to cut costs and gain HIPAA compliance without the normal associated cost of maintaining a full billing system and staff. Outsourcing to Zybex frees you to focus on providing quality patient care.

Equally important, Zybex will provide detailed analysis and monthly reports so you know exactly where your practice stands against your goals. Additionally, you’ll gain valuable information that you can use to refine your processes and target problems.

By using a consultative approach and proven methodology, Zybex can help you identify the business issues that need to be addressed as well as develop a strategy tailored to resolve those issues and put your practice on the right track to meet your goals. Zybex delivers a unique combination of technology, processes, healthcare expertise and billing/collection experience to maximize your return on investment for a reasonable fee.

With Zybex, you get more than a vendor; you get a partner that is dedicated to your success. Remember; “Zybex does not get paid- till you get paid”. Purchasing our software is not necessary to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact Zybex today to help improve your bottom line, and eliminate management headaches of staffing and computer systems.