CyberMED is a comprehensive medical practice management system with over 20 years of experience in the constantly changing practitioner’s office. This system provides solutions for large group practices as well as small offices. Its unique correlation between the practitioner’s office and managed care is the competitive advantage you need to run your practice efficiently and competitively. CyberMED provides comprehensive features in the following areas:

  • Internet Platform, no need for expensive in-house servers.
  • Intuitive Windows Browser interface, using Standard Windows PC platform
  • Easy to use Appointment Scheduling with Integrated Electronic Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Line Item Payment Posting for High Accuracy and Accountability
  • ANSI Standard Electronic Claims Billing
  • Fully Automated Electronic EOB/ERA Posting
  • Integrated with  Electronic Medical Records Systems
  • Comprehensive Reporting for Managed Care Contracting and Practice Statistics
  • Highly Automated for Minimal Staffing
  • iPad Charge Entry